I am a PhD candidate in Wendy M. Laybourn sociology at the University of Maryland, College Park. My research centers around racial ideology and racial and ethnic identity. Specifically, I focus on the effect of popular culture (e.g., music, movies, social media) and/or raced institutions (e.g., family structures, Greek letter organizations) on racial and ethnic identity. My dissertation research examines the effects of racial ideology on Korean adoptee socialization, racialization, and lived experiences and the relationship to their racial, ethnic, and adoptee identity formation. I also analyze Korean adoptees’ relationship to the state throughout the history of Korean adoption (1950s-current) with particular attention to the changing framing of Korean adoptees as ‘easily assimilable’ to ‘perpetual foreigner.’ 

In addition to my dissertation research, I, along with a co-author, have a book manuscript (under contract) in progress which examines racial identity formation and racial boundary making among non-Black members of historically Black Greek letter organizations.

Presently, I serve as the graduate student coordinator for the Department of Sociology’s Critical Race Initiative.

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